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Kai Tietz welcomes Matthew Jones

Born in the late 80s, Matthew spent his childhood exploring the art of photography by breaking cameras and burning through rolls of film. After receiving a BFA in Commercial Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Matthew’s career began by being a photo editor for a Japanese import magazine and a team photographer for Toyota’s Scion Racing.
Using the car as an extension of humanity, Matthew has always believed automobiles should be captured in an emotional manner, capturing his subjects artfully within their surroundings rather than on a pedestal – striving to portray the transcendence of driving.
Shooting free-handed and in the moment, Matthew searches for the instants ‘in-between’. His work is often cinematic, dark and moody, yet vibrant. Authentic and unpolished, yet finished – all while incorporating a progressive sense of fashion that evokes both luxury and nostalgia.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys redesigning the interior of his home in Atlanta, GA just about every two months, wrenching on broken cars and motorcycles and is somehow still young enough to still continue skating.

Clients include:
Coca-Cola // Google Fiber // Harley Davidson // Hyundai // Infiniti // Iron and Air // Jiffy Lube // Lexus // Lincoln Motor Cars // Men’s Journal // Mercedes-Benz USA // Ramp Magazine // Shell Oil // Sprint Wireless // Toyota // United States Marine Corps // Vitamin Water // Winston Salem

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