The Elected — shot and directed by — Anke Luckmann

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Photography: Anke Luckmann
Actor: Raul Tortosa
Postproduction: Harvest Digital Agriculture GmbH

In the realm of the sci-fi short film "The Elected" by director Felipe Franco, Orbital Corps, a fictional corporation, seeks to monopolize agriculture, using their power and influence to ban it on Earth and bring it exclusively to its facilities in space. Led by the captivating executive Joaquin (played by Raul Tortosa), the company employs economic power and other methods to advance its agenda. A nefarious plan includes lobbying and pressuring citizens newly elected through Artificial Intelligence to compose the Parliament.
Against the backdrop of Artés, Spain, a locale transformed into a cinematic canvas during the intense production of "The Elected," the symphony of light and shadow captured in these images by the photographer Anke Luckmann intertwines with the essence of the story.

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