Lara Baumberger

After we had chatted with Lara Baumberger for a long time about her and her images that were in front of us,

I asked her why on earth a 26-year-old, highly talented, excellently trained, extremely charming, highly motivated, modern-thinking, assertive, cheerful, refreshingly communicative woman with a lot of taste and a grasp of our Zeitgeist, wants to be a photographer in this crazy world, of all places, and take her place right in the front row.
She: Hmm, I don't exactly know either.......
Me: But I do!

1997 born in Lindau, Lake Constance
2017 A-levels in Lindau
2017-2020 Training as a photographer
2020-2022 Various assistances
Since 2023 Freelance photographer

Lara Baumberger lives in Berlin

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